Content Creation is at the core of InfoMarketing. I would even say that content creation is a core part of your online marketing strategy regardless of your online business model.

What this means is that you need to generate some form of content even if you are not an InfoMarketer.


Because the Information (Content) is what the Internet is about.


Well that’s why we keep hearing – “Content is King”

Among other things, Content is used to Inform and Educate your prospects while you pre-sell and sell to them.

But, creating great content can be a challenging task for folks who have never done it before.

So, here are seven tools that you can use to create great content.

And they’ll make your life a whole lot easier too because they are simple to use.

Tools For Content Creation

1. Jing – Jing is a nifty tool that allows you to simply and easily create short videos of what you see on your computer screen. It even records your voice over narration from your computer’s microphone. It is great for quickly creating small video tutorials or even recording quick powerpoint presentations. It is a snap to share online. You can use Jing to share content via email, your blog or Twitter.

2. Camtasia Studio – If you need to create longer videos, then Camtasia studio is great for the job. This feature packed software from TechSmith makers of Jing comes in both Windows and Mac flavors. It has its own built in editing tool and helps you create and export great quality content based video like tutorials and presentations.

3. Hubspot – HubSpot offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software — plus the methodology, resources, and support — to help businesses …

4. Instant TeleSeminar– This is a great tool to presell and interact with your prospects. It lets you create and conduct live events and interviews. The cool thing is you can record your teleseminars. And Voila! Instant Content for your MP3s or CDs.

5. GoToWebinar – Webinars are a great tool to engage your prospects. It adds to the teleseminar model because you now have not just the audio element but the visual element as well to hold your audience’s attention. Again you kill two birds with one stone if you hit the record button and generate instant content from a live event you are already doing. What other tools do you use to make your content awesome?

6. Movable Ink – Movable Ink helps digital marketers create unique visual experiences across email, web, and display… because visual is the language that moves people.

7. Your iPhone – Granted this is a bit different from the other web based / software tools, but the Voice Memo feature is an excellent content creation tool…. And if you are already an iPhone owner you carry it with you. Turn on the Voice Memo and record your content anywhere – in your car, in the park, while waiting for an appointment. Export it and create MP3s of your mobile generated content. Or have it transcribed and you immediately have content in text form too. Of course, any phone with a voice memo / voice recording feature will work. Or you could just buy a digital voice recorder if you plan on using this method heavily.

What other content creation tools do you use? Share your comments below.