Frequently asked questions


What happens to the Task Credits I haven’t used?

Unused Task Credits will be rolled over to the next billing cycle. So, you will have the unused Task Credits from this billing cycle in addition to the new Task Credits available to you in the next billing cycle. This goes on until you accumulate a maximum of Three times your monthly Task Credits PLUS Your Current Month’s Credits.

What is the maximum number of Task Credits I can accumulate?

At any given time, you can accumulate a maximum of Three times your monthly Task Credits PLUS Your Current Month’s Credits. This is effectively equal to Four Month’s worth of Task Credits.

Can I accumulate more number of Task Credits than the maximum limit?

No. That is the maximum number allowed per account.


Do I work with one person? Or do my jobs get shuffled off to different people each time?

The low prices we offer are in part because of a task scheduling system we have in place that efficiently routes tasks to team members. It works more like an automobile assembly line. So, you may get the same person on subsequent tasks or you may not. It’s all about managing the time of our technical specialists. Providing one on one service will dramatically increase the cost of the service.

Will I be able to talk to a real person on the phone if I need to?

If you need to talk to one of us, just open a ticket in your Members Area asking to talk to us. We will go ahead and schedule a time for us to talk. We don’t operate any call-in numbers. This helps us keep the costs down and pass the cost savings along to our members in the form of unbeatable prices. We request that you schedule calls with us only if absolutely necessary.

Or is the support only via email?

The Support service is delivered through an online help desk ticketing system. Communications are mainly managed through that system. It tracks each support request from start to finish. It works better than emails with regards to tracking and managing all your tasks in one central location. If you have additional questions or concerns you can email us at help@websupportteam.com.

Hi – please define “task” – in other words, if I want several pages moved from one domain to another, is that one task or several?

If the number of files is not too large, then that could be treated as two tasks(One to Download all files from the first domain. The second to upload to the next domain).

If you are modifying graphics, does each individual graphic count as one task (ie., if updating a site that has a header, footer, ebook cover and CD cover – isthat 4 tasks)?

That is a tough question. We will need to tell you the task units based on the actual graphics task you give us.

Although the tasks offered sound like a lot, many things require multiple actions or segments, so it could get eaten up pretty quickly.

Yes and No. It depends on the kind and volume of tasks you give us. Either way, would you rather be saving credits or getting some actual work done on your sites? The question is how much work can you get done in a month for $97 and how much would you be paying for an equivalent amount of work outside. Most customers carry over their tasks to the next month. Of course, we don’t know your workload and 30 tasks may possibly be a small amount for your situation. But, you can always buy additional Task Units.

What do I do if I’ve used up all my task units for this month?

If you have used up your available task units for this billing cycle, but would like additional work done before your new set of Task Unit Credits become available the next billing cycle, you have the option to purchase additional units.

Can I buy additional Task Units?

Yes, You Can. Just email us go to www.websupportteam.com/buyunits and email your PayPal receipt to help@websupportteam.com asking us to add the units to your account. These units will be manually credited to your account, so you may not see them in your account immediately after purchase. If the system, does not immediately allow you to create additional tickets, just send your work request to help@websupportteam.com

For whom is your service suitable?

Our service is more suitable for people who need technical support on their websites and web marketing tasks on a task-by-task basis. In other words, you tell us what specific task you require and we will execute it for you. Our focus is more on the web infrastructure of your online business.

Do you manage my projects?

No, we do not manage your projects. You manage your projects. We just execute your requests for you.

Do you do any graphics?

We don’t do any graphic design work. Just basic graphic manipulations like changing the words in header graphics.

If I want several pages moved from one domain to another, is that one task or several?

If the number of files is not too large, then that could be treated as two tasks(One task unit to Download all files from the first domain. The second task unit to upload to the next domain). If you have databases and a larger volume of files, then additional task units would apply.

For my monthly subscriptions do I get as many squeeze pages as I want?

The way our service works is you get 30 task credits to use against any task you want. Some simple tasks like uploading a squeeze page maybe just one task unit. So, if you already have 30 squeeze pages ready and sitting on your computer we can set them all up for you for 30 task credits. But, if you need work done on the squeeze pages additional task credits would apply.

I want more specific information about the “deep discounts” you offer for customized projects?

Deep discounts we offer work like this. We go ahead and quote on projects as we would to any regular client. We send you that quote. As a member, you are entitled to 20% off of that price.

Do you upload videos to YouTube and all other Video Sharing sites?

No, we do not that. We recommend TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser for that.

Do you upload messages to autoresponders, too, or simply set up the account?

We Upload and Setup.

Are you able to install membership site scripts?

Yes. We can install most of the popular scripts in the market.

There is so much top do under SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Do you offer complete SEO service?

You are right there is so much that can be done to optimize sites. What we do is at the code level, we make sure that the right tags are in the right places and the code is clean & search engine friendly. We do not work on content for stuff like keyword density, etc. ;

I want to know if you can create e-zines. Can you build a template for me? Can you send them out if I give you a list? Or set it up so I can?

We can create ezines, create a template and send them out. But, you need to be subscribed to some kind of autoresponder services like Aweber, Icontact, or Constant Contact. We can work on your behalf to set up these services to send out your ezines. We do not write your content however 🙂

Do you upload autoresponders, too, or simply set up the account?

We Upload and Setup.


Are you a branch of this company called NETVENTIX LLC? Because that is the name on my receipt.

Yes. Our Site is owned and operated by NETVENTIX, LLC. Since our site operates under NETVENTIX, LLC., sometimes the transaction processor will issue the receipt in the corporate name and not the website name. That is why your receipt sometimes shows NETVENTIX, LLC. instead of WEBSUPPORTTEAM.COM

How do I cancel my membership?

You can choose from Two Easy Ways to Cancel – (1) Simply email us at help@websupportteam.com with “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” in the subject line. OR (2) Open a ticket and select “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” as the task. We’ll cancel your subscription for you. Your membership will remain active till the end of the current billing cycle. After that billing cycle ends, you will not be billed again and you will not be able to submit task requests on our system. Any remaining task credits will be deleted. ;

What happens to my unused Task Credits when I cancel my membership?

When you cancel, your membership will remain active till the end of the current billing cycle. During that time your Task Credits are available for you to use. Any remaining task credits will be deleted the day your account becomes inactive at the end of the billing period when you cancel.

I want to cancel my membership and stop future subscription payments. But, I want to retain my accumulated (rollover) Task Credits.

That is not possible at this time. The Task Credits are for Active (paying) members. When you cancel your membership, you lose your “Active” status at the end of your last paid billing cycle. The moment you are no longer an active member, all Task Credits in your account will be deleted.

But, I already paid for these Task Credits. I should have them even after I cancel.

Actually, you paid for your monthly membership. The Task Credits are a benefit of your “Active” membership. You are not “Buying” task credits independent of your membership status. Task Credits are not sold to non-members. They are tied to the membership and available only to “Active” members. So, if you cancel your membership, the Task Credits are no longer available the moment your account is no longer “Active”.

I don’t have any tasks to give the team this month. But, I don’t want to cancel my membership. Can I place my membership on “Hold” so that I don’t have to pay the subscription this month and I don’t lose my task credits until I “reactivate” at a later date?

I’m sorry we don’t have a “Hold” option available at this time. But, keep in mind that your unused credits “rollover” for your use at a later date.

Can I cancel my membership and join again at a later date?

Yes, you can — if the membership is open at that time. Keep in mind that our membership is extremely limited and exclusive. If there are no openings, you will need to get on the waiting list. You will also be subject to the prices at that point in time. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the same low prices or all the benefits you enjoy as a member today if you decide to leave and come back. However, if you decide to stay, you are locked in at current prices and benefits.


Can I get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund within 30 days of signing up provided we have not worked on any tasks for you. After all, if you haven’t used our services after signing up we’d rather not keep your money. If we have done some work for you, and you want to cancel your services, we will not be able to refund (Because we have to pay our programmers to work on your tasks). But, we’ll cancel your subscription and you’ll stop getting billed from the next billing cycle. You’ll still be able to use the task units you paid for till the billing cycle ends. Sounds Fair? After 30 days you may still cancel at any time and we will stop charging you from the next billing cycle. Your membership will remain active till that current billing cycle is complete. There are NO Refunds after 30 Days from the start of your membership.

Can I get a Refund only for the unused portion of my credits?

No. We’re sorry we cannot refund unused credits. You are paying for your membership and not for the credits. The credits are a benefit of the membership that you own and accrue only as long as your membership is in good standing. Once your membershipis cancelled, you lose the remaining credits. They have no monetary value outside the membership.




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