PRESS RELEASES Announces Support For 1AutomationWiz, the leading tech help service, has added support for 1AutomationWiz, a leading ecommerce automation platform. Entrepreneurs can now get professional help integrating and maintaining the popular software on their websites.

Houston, Texas (I-Newswire) November 26, 2012 – These days Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs can employ a vast arsenal of technologies in their day-to-day operations. From basic shopping cart software to comprehensive ecommerce solutions there are so many options to choose from.

1AutomationWiz is a leading “all-in-one” ecommerce solution that combines shopping cart, email marketing, internet marketing and merchant account. It is now supported by, the leading provider of subscription based tech help services to online entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

Used and endorsed by leading Marketing experts like Andy Jenkins, Ryan Diess, Jerry West, Perry Blecher, Carrie Wilkerson, Chris Brogan, John Reese, Art Jonak, Armand Morin, Jimmy D Brown, Paul Evans, Simon Jordon, and many others, 1AutomationWiz has a strong and loyal user base. helps setup, automate and maintain the online presence of small businesses on a budget. It lets business owners outsource their web technology related tasks at a fraction of the cost of hiring contractors or freelancers to do the job.

Small businesses are faced with an ever growing assortment of online marketing channels like Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and other Social Media sites. This increases the daily workload and technical chores required to maintain a competitive edge online. helps reduce that workload by using its own highly trained team of web professionals to handle those tasks.

The company already handles common website features such as shopping carts, payment processing, lead capture, help desks, etc., on a variety of platforms and technologies like WordPress, PayPal, Clickbank, Aweber, 1ShoppingCart, GetResponse, iContact, InfusionSoft, etc.

Adding 1AutomationWiz to its list of supported services expands its range of services and offers customers the flexibility to get help integrating and using this popular platform for their web businesses.

“We are excited to help our customers with 1AutomationWiz”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of “1AutomationWiz technology can be employed very effectively in automating ecommerce and online marketing activities. It helps online business owners save time and reduce costs while at the same time using technology to tap into more potential profits.”’s technical capabilities for building and running websites, blogs, apps and social media are a strategic asset to entrepreneurs interested in the online business model. The company’s services can add value to almost any type of online business.

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Paws4people Foundation Launches Online Technology Initiative To Improve Matchmaking Capabilities Between People And Service Dogs.


The paws4people Foundation has teamed up with, a leading technology service, to develop an online database driven application to automate and improve its proprietary dog matching process.


Houston, Texas, (I-Newswire) September 1, 2012 – The paws4people Foundation provides a unique service. It breeds and trains dogs to lend a helping hand to humans in need of assistance. The Foundation helps veterans, seniors, disabled people and adolescents get trained service dogs to improve their quality of life. It serves people with life challenges who may benefit from the assistance of a highly trained canine companion.The foundation was established by Kyria Henry with the idea of using dogs to help people. When she was in elementary school, she was visiting her grandparents with her own dog Riley. Kyria noticed the positive impact Riley had on the seniors. She began to regularly visit senior citizens in nursing homes with Riley.At the age of 12 in 1999, Kyria established paws4people with the help of a family. Now 25, she continues to build her dream of using the love and loyalty of dogs to help people through her charity organization.Most people are familiar with service dogs for the blind or the mobility-impaired. But, there are many newer and unique ways in which dogs are used to help people.

Highly trained Assistance Dogs are used to provide support in areas such as mobility assistance, psychiatric service, education and rehabilitative assistance. They are even used in therapeutic applications like social therapy. As of 2011, the paws4people Foundation has placed more than 200 dogs in programs across nine states in the eastern United States.

The Foundation also specializes in training customized Assistance Dogs for children and adolescents with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or emotional disabilities.

Another major group to benefit are Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

The Foundation accomplishes its mission through the efforts of a network of over 230 unpaid volunteers and over 200 available trained, certified and insured Assistance Dogs.

A sophisticated and complex process is used to find and place the right dog with the right person based on a variety of criteria like the dog’s training, skill and temperament on one side and the specific needs of the person on the other side.

As the organization continues to grow and the number of people it serves continues to increase, the foundation decided to build an online database driven application to improve and automate this complex process.

It turned to to design and build this unique online system which will have at its core, a database of dogs as they progress through their training and get placed.

People in need of Assistance Dogs will be able to apply online. The system will help organize the process of finding the right dog for that person. The foundation will use the new system to review the selection, help match dogs with clients, and then track its progress.

“The paws4people Foundation provides a very noble service to help people in a uniquely caring way. We are proud and excited to be part of that mission in our own small way as we develop this online system. It will streamline and improve the process of matching the right assistance dog to the right person. We are confident that the new system will help the foundation carry out its mission more efficiently as it reaches out to help more and more people through its programs “, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of

The stated mission of the paws4people foundation is to “enhance the lives of Active-duty Service Members, Veterans, Inmates (Federal & States), Children, Students and Seniors by utilizing the ‘Special Powers’ of canine companionship and service of highly trained Assistance Dogs.”

To learn more about the foundation’s different programs visit –

To learn more about the technology service mentioned here, visit – Helps The Business Mastery Institute Build An Online Hub For Business Owners


The Business Mastery Institute Is Building An Online Hub For Business Owners Featuring Resources And Training In Advanced Business Growth Strategies With Technical Help From Websupportteam.Com


Houston, Texas, (I-Newswire) August 17, 2012 – The Business Mastery Institute, which helps over 200 Australian businesses every year, is adding a host of business tools and resources on it’s website designed to make it a community hub for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their fields. The website was developed by The Business Mastery Institute with technical assistance from”The website is designed as a hub for business owners, both in B2B and B2C who want Advanced Business Growth strategies covering Marketing, Sales and Management”, says Ilse Strauss, Founder and CEO of The Business Mastery website is designed to provide Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with varied levels of business support depending on their unique requirements.

For instance, the Business Mastermind Club is designed to be ‘Business Coaching on Heat’ with DVD’s, Checklists, mp3’s etc., to educate entrepreneurs to build successful, automated and profitable businesses.

Business owners can access a wealth of business information through a variety of platforms like Blogs, Podcasts, Live Events, Online Events, Social Media and Forums.

“ is proud to help with the development of We are excited about Ilse Strauss’s vision to empower and educate entrepreneurs and business owners.”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of

The Website is also connected to the institute’s YouTube TV channel called ‘Business Building TV’

In September, Ilse Strauss is starting a Live TV show for a Paid Subscription TV program in Western Australia. All monthly Small Business Episodes from that television show will be available to view on the site as well.

For information about The Business Mastery Institute visit –

To find out how Web Support Team helps small businesses with their online presence visit – Helps Online Entrepreneurs Overcome Technology Barriers, the leading online technical services company, helps Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs overcome technology barriers to setup and run Websites, Blogs and Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Houston, Texas (I-Newswire) July 17, 2012 – Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs these days face a variety of technology barriers in their daily operations. They need to tap into the power of online technology as a part of their overall marketing strategy.With an ever growing assortment of online marketing channels like Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and other Social Media sites, the daily technical chores also keep increasing.That’s where WebSupportTeam.comcomes in. The company helps setup, automate and maintain your online presence within a “small business budget”.It handles common website features such as shopping carts, payment processing, lead capture, help desks, etc., on a variety of platforms and technologies like WordPress, PayPal, Clickbank, Aweber, 1ShoppingCart, GetResponse, iContact, InfusionSoft, etc.

The company also helps its clients set up Social Media profiles. It can build and optimize Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels. also sets up and optimizes company pages on Linkedin. On Twitter, the company designs and sets up the profile background. These services help with building a Social Media presence and improve branding efforts.

“Every small business needs to leverage online and mobile technology”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of “But, not every small business has the budget to hire a team of programmers and keep them on staff. That’s where we come in. For just $97 you get our entire team of web specialists for the entire month. You can’t even hire a programmer for a day for such a low rate.” also helps upload videos to YouTube and distribute it to other Video Sharing sites like Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, etc., using tools like TrafficGeyser and TubeMogul. Widespread video distribution is a strategy to increase the reach of the marketing message.

“In the simplest terms, we help our clients effectively and affordably outsource their online technical work so they can save time and get the results they are looking for in their online marketing campaigns.” says Jay Vikaz.’s technical capabilities for building and running membership websites are a strategic asset to entrepreneurs interested in the online subscription business model. The company’s services can add value to almost any type of online business.

For more information visit - Uses WPAccess To Build Membership Sites On WordPress, the leading provider of affordable online technical services, uses the WPAccess plugin to build membership sites on WordPress for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs.

Houston, Texas, (I-Newswire) June 8, 2012 –, helps Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs build and run online businesses with revenue generating websites. Membership or subscription based websites are becoming increasingly popular in the business community because of their recurring revenue model and the potential for a steady stream of monthly income for their owners.

Many of these sites are built on the popular WordPress platform. WPAccess is a premier plugin that turns WordPress blogs and websites into membership sites. is the premier expert on WPAccess.


“We recommend WPAccess as our preferred membership plugin for WordPress based websites and blogs”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of “We think it’s one of the best plugins of its kind in the market and we are proud to support its installation and maintenance for our clients. It is extremely user friendly from the point of view of the user as well as the site administrator.”


Membership or subscription sites generally provide secure, password protected access to content. Frequently there is a fee for this kind of access. Customers have the ability to signup immediately after payment and get instant access to the content they ordered. They can also manage their subscription by upgrading, downgrading or canceling their membership.


All this is done online by the customer without the involvement of an employee to facilitate the transaction. So, the whole process requires a high degree of software automation on the website.


Popular services like Netflix and Hulu use the subscription model to provide access to their content. Many other sites like provide open access to some content while protecting the rest for their paying members.


In fact, the membership model is very common online. Most people have some kind of web based email account from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo that requires them to sign in with a user name and password to access their emails.


Just a few years ago, building and managing membership sites was expensive and a huge technical hurdle for the small business entrepreneur. These days there are several softwares and scripts to simplify the process.


But, installation and maintenance can still be a challenge for the busy or technically challenged small business entrepreneur. helps overcome that hurdle by providing essential technical services to build and maintain membership sites on any platform. In addition to WPAccess, also supports other popular plugins like Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberWing and MagicMembers.


“WPAccess is really an affordable plugin for the budget conscious entrepreneur who does not want to compromise on functionality. It matches the features of more expensive membership plugins and even has some features that other similar plugins don’t have.” says Jay Vikaz.


WPAccess can be used with almost any WordPress theme and integrates with payment solutions like Paypal, Clickbank and 1ShoppingCart to handle completely automatic subscribes and unsubscribes. It also works with many other payment solutions.


The plugin also integrates with services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, SendPepper and ImnicaMail to ensure that website members are automatically added to an email autoresponder for automated followup and customer care.


Perhaps the most unique feature of this plugin is the built-in help desk. It helps the website owners better manage their customer support through an online ticketing system.


It also features “dripfeed” capabilities. In simple terms, this means content is made available to members based on when they join. All members do not see the same content at the same time. Members are “dripfed” content from the day they join based on a progressive schedule determined by the site owner. with its technical capabilities for building and running membership websites is a strategic asset to entrepreneurs interested in the online subscription business model.


For more information or to get help with membership sites visit – Implements Security On WordPress Sites And Blogs For Internet Marketers, the leading technical services provider for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs, helps secure blogs and websites against threats from hacking and malicious code.

Houston, Texas (I-Newswire) June 17, 2012 –, provides the technical expertise to setup security on WordPress blogs and websites. Internet Marketers and Web Entrepreneurs depend on their websites to generate income. When these sites are brought down by hackers or malicious code, it impacts their business and their livelihood. Securing websites and protecting them from malicious attacks is vital to their business. WordPress is by far, the most popular platform for such sites.

WordPress runs over 35 million web pages worldwide. A recent Websense report claims that the security of over 30,000 websites (or 200,000 web pages) has been compromised.

“As one of the top providers of technical services to Internet Marketers, we have seen many WordPress sites attacked, hacked, infected and compromised. It takes hours or days to clean up and restore the sites after an attack. During that time the site is down, it produces no sales and the site owner is a nervous wreck” says Jay Vikaz, CEO of “Often times such attacks can be prevented by implementing security procedures even before an attack happens.”

Millions of Websites and Blogs run on WordPress. A vast majority of them use the default settings with no security other than a basic password. Hackers know the vulnerabilities of the wordpress platform and deliberately target them. Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses seek and exploit these security loopholes that are wide open in a vast majority of blogs and websites.

The first line of defense is a strong password.

“You’ll be surprised to see how many folks still use simple, easy to guess passwords online”, says Jay Vikaz.

Experts recommend using a password 10 characters or longer, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Using both small case and capital letter combinations is also recommended. It is also important to stay away from using common dictionary words as passwords.

Passwords that use a variation of the website name or the site owner’s name are easy to crack using sophisticated password cracking software.

Beyond the obvious step of using a secure password, security measures involve plugging common security loopholes that exist in the wordpress platform itself. Hackers use these loopholes to inject malicious code to bring down the website, steal information or redirect customers to phony sites.

Configuring special security plugins in wordpress also helps protect the site from malicious attacks. uses its elite team of wordpress professionals to implement security steps on websites and blogs running on wordpress.

“We help entrepreneurs be proactive about the security of their sites. It is better to take preventive steps in the first place than to deal with the devastating effects of a malicious attack ” says Jay Vikaz.

Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers looking to setup protective measures for their wordpress sites can get more information from – Helps Online Entrepreneurs With Social Media Marketing, the leading online technical services company, helps Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs setup and run Social Media marketing campaigns.

Houston, Texas, (I-Newswire) June 16, 2012 – Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs can now get technical assistance with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and other Social Media sites.Marketers are constantly looking to tap into the increasing power of Social Media as a part of their overall marketing strategy.While millions use Social Media sites everyday, setting up comprehensive and effective social marketing campaigns requires planning, effort and skill., can help setup and automate social media marketing with a small business budget.

The company helps its clients set up Social Media profiles. It can build and optimize Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels. also helps setup and optimize company pages on Linkedin. On Twitter, the company can design and setup the background images for its client’s profiles. These services help with building a Social Media presence and improve branding efforts.

“We recognize that Social Media is now an important component of every marketing strategy”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of “We help our clients leverage technology to automate their Social Media efforts to save them time and maximize the impact of their marketing message.”

Once a Social Media profile or channel is setup, then comes the task of managing campaigns on a day-to-day basis. This can often be a burden on busy entrepreneurs who are too strapped for time to perform all the activities required to run effective Social Marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, many of these tasks can be automated to a great degree requiring only occasional monitoring or tweaking. helps set up this automation using industry standard tools like SocialOomph, HootSuite, TwitterFeed and Seesmic Ping, to name a few.

This is done by scheduling tweets and facebook posts for weeks or months, so that online marketers can enjoy the benefits of continuous Social Media exposure without the daily effort of manually making posts and tweets. also helps upload videos to YouTube and distribute it to other Video Sharing sites like Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, etc., using tools like TrafficGeyser and TubeMogul. This widespread video distribution is a strategy to increase the reach of the marketing message.

“What we are doing here is letting our clients effectively outsource their Social Media tasks so that they can save time and get the results they are looking for in their online marketing campaigns.” says Jay Vikaz.

For more information on outsourcing your Social Media tasks visit - Launches New Redesigned Website To Better Serve Internet Marketers And Online Entrepreneurs


Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 18, 2012
The new website design makes it easier for potential clients to learn more about’s subscription based tech help services. The home page now sports an eye-catching infographic representing the company’s position in the value chain of its typical customer – the online business owner.

The infographic visually conveys the essence of the company’s services and the desired end-benefit to customers – growing their business and increasing their profits.

“The launch of the new website represents our vision and commitment to the growing tech needs of online entrepreneurs and internet based businesses. was created with a vision to provide affordable online technology services to startups and small businesses that operate in the digital marketing space,” says Jay Vikaz, CEO of

The website features a subscription based model in which customers “pay” for the technical services they need using “credits” that are digitally loaded into their accounts every month. While keeping the costs low, the subscription model also ensures that customers can get critical help whenever they need it within a fixed budget while keeping surprise expenses down.

Digital Marketers and online business owners have been using the site to outsource technical work on their websites, blogs and social media channels since it first launched in 2008.

Offering an entire gamut of services ranging from simple website updates to complete revamping of sites to integrating payment processing and shopping carts, the company provides key technology help that is critical to the operation of online businesses.

The new website features easy access to information and services and demonstrates the industry leadership that customers have come to expect from It will help improve effectiveness of the site while boosting sales and profitability.

“The goal of the new website is to educate and inform visitors about our services quickly and more effectively. We also aim to provide an enhanced user experience for our customers and keep them informed on the latest news about our offerings as well as relevant industry news that might impact them,” says Jay Vikaz. “From a marketing standpoint, this new design is an important part of increasing our brand recognition. I am excited to see what kind of results these new improvements will bring.”

The new site provides an improved user experience with an intuitive navigation and brand new content. The website also includes a new blog to communicate valuable insights and industry news relevant to internet marketing and online business. Now Offers Amazon Kindle Book Formatting now offers book formatting for the Amazon Kindle eReader. Authors and small publishers who want to make their books available on the Kindle platform sometimes hit a roadblock because they need to get them into the kindle format.

PRLog (Press Release)May 14, 2012
Amazon’s pioneering Kindle eReader has been selling in record numbers and the number of books sold and read on it have been steadily increasing in the past few years. This has created an entire new marketplace of books bought and sold in their digital format. For the avid reader this means access to over a million titles at the touch of a button. It also brings with it the convenience of carrying an entire library of books inside a pocket sized eReader device.

For Authors and Aspiring Authors, the kindle marketplace is a quick and easy way to publish a book and start making sales by making it available to the millions of buyers who use Amazon.

For small publishers, it is also a great testing ground to see how well a title does before spending money on publishing it as a hard copy.

Entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals have long used books as a tool for self promotion and publicity. The Kindle platform makes it easier and faster for them to get their book out compared to traditional publishing methods. readmore Helps Online Businesses Build Customer Trust And Loyalty With Online Trust Seals announced that it is helping websites easily build trust with online users by displaying Trust Marks from The goal is to increase online sales and conversions by improving credibility of online sellers.

The announcement marks a strategic alliance between two leading services to develop consumer trust and confidence when dealing with authentic websites and services owned by individuals or small businesses that do not subscribe to more expensive trust mark programs from big corporate vendors.Although, the prices are small business friendly, there is no compromise on quality.
Websites and online businesses must pass a standardized verification process to qualify to display the seal. This protects consumers by assuring them that they are dealing with a verified authentic website or web business.Participation in the OnlineTrustSeal™ program also helps online merchants and sellers because confident customers are more likely to make a purchase.Online Trust Seals visually communicate to visitors that the site’s identity has been authenticated by the seal provider and that the site has passed the verification process to display the seals.The service at offers attractive entry pricing for budget-sensitive customers who understand the power of Trust Marks and Trust Seals but do not want to invest in higher priced competitive offerings. readmore

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