WebSupportTeam.com now offers book formatting for the Amazon Kindle eReader. Authors and small publishers who want to make their books available on the Kindle platform sometimes hit a roadblock because they need to get them into the kindle format.

PRLog (Press Release) – May 14, 2012 –
Amazon’s pioneering Kindle eReader has been selling in record numbers and the number of books sold and read on it have been steadily increasing in the past few years. This has created an entire new marketplace of books bought and sold in their digital format. For the avid reader this means access to over a million titles at the touch of a button. It also brings with it the convenience of carrying an entire library of books inside a pocket sized eReader device.

For Authors and Aspiring Authors, the kindle marketplace is a quick and easy way to publish a book and start making sales by making it available to the millions of buyers who use Amazon.

For small publishers, it is also a great testing ground to see how well a title does before spending money on publishing it as a hard copy.

Entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals have long used books as a tool for self promotion and publicity. The Kindle platform makes it easier and faster for them to get their book out compared to traditional publishing methods.

https://WebSupportTeam.com builds and maintains the web technology that powers the businesses of its Internet Marketing clients. It takes care of the technical aspects of websites, blogs, shopping carts, online payments, mobile sites and now Kindle books. Its service offering includes a broad range of technical services for online entrepreneurs.

“We noticed that many of our customers were publishing their own books as a part of their marketing strategy. Quite a few of them were on the Amazon Kindle platform which really makes it quick and simple to reach a broader audience. The biggest roadblock however seemed to be the proper formatting of the book for reading on the kindle eReader device.” said WebSupportTeam.com CEO Jay Vikaz. “The goal of this new service is to help our subscribers and clients to get their books into the Kindle marketplace.”

More and more professionals and entrepreneurs are using books to get their message out to their audience and educate them about their area of expertise. This increases their visibility in their market place and helps position them as an authority figure which drives more business.

“Imagine you are planning on signing up for a weight loss program. Would you go with a person whose advertisement you see on the paper or with the person whose book you’ve just read? The book better educates you on what to expect and what you need to do,” says Jay Vikaz. “As a consumer it helps you make a better decision. It helps the business owner because you arrive at her doorstep as a better educated customer. In your mind the person with the book is an expert. So, you are more inclined to buy”

Entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing this fact especially in the training, coaching, consulting and service industries. So, they are including books as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

While Amazon Kindle offers them an unprecedented opportunity to quickly get their books in front of millions of readers, Web Support Team’s service removes a big roadblock by providing technical assistance to professionally format them for the Kindle eReader.