Feeling Overwhelmed? Pressed For Time? Too Many Tasks On Your Plate? Struggling To Get Your Online Projects Completed? Feel Like A Bottleneck?

Wish Someone Else Could “Take Over” Your Workload

And Give Back Your Finished Projects On A Platter?

Introducing …

The Smart, Simple, No-Hassle Way

To Get Your Projects Done!

We’ll Handle The DETAILS
We’ll Juggle Your TASKS

A POWER PACKED new service to give that EXTRA BOOST to your online projects.


Let’s say you want to setup a new website.

Shoot an email to “My Project Manager” describing what you want in general. You can even send us a Jing video, mobile video, YouTube video or instructions in an audio file.

“My Project Manager” swings into action. We figure out the different pieces of the puzzle to build the website according to your vision. We break down the tasks and create the tickets so that the development team can start working on it.

We then closely monitor and follow up on the tickets so that you don’t have to. In fact, you can take a totally “Hands-off” approach if you want. We make sure that the team is constantly working on your project and not waiting for something.

We even coordinate with your graphic designer, copywriters and other service providers to get everything the team needs to complete your project.

…..And this is not limited to setting up websites alone. We’ll handle blogs, redesigns, feature additions, upgrades…….. in fact anything you normally do through WebSupportTeam can be managed through “MyProjectManager” to save you time and help you get better and quicker results.


  • We’ll help you manage, organize, coordinate and complete your projects.
  • We’ll break down your projects into individual tasks.
  • We’ll create the tickets for you.
  • You can monitor your tickets as always, but we’ll do all the follow ups and make sure your projects get done.
  • You’ll receive a weekly PROGRESS REPORT from us on the big picture progress of your projects.
  • You’ll get a 20 minute STRATEGY SESSION every month via phone / skype.
  • We’ll even follow up and coordinate with your other vendors (copywriters, graphics designers, etc) to get all the stuff needed for completing your projects with us.

$197 /month


This service is for you……

…If you are busy and juggling multiple projects.

…If you are technically challenged and have a hard time communicating your needs through a ticket.

…If you are feeling overwhelmed

…If you’d rather just let professionals handle your web projects so you can focus on your business

…If you want to save time


Q. Is there a contract?

A. Nope! You can cancel anytime you want and you will not be billed again.

Q. If I cancel the “My Project Manager” service what happens to my Web Support Team membership?

A. Nothing. Your regular WebSupportTeam.com membership will continue with all the credits you have in it. You can choose to cancel “My Project Manager” anytime without any impact to your regular membership.

Q. How many credits are used for “My Project Manager”?

A. None. It is an add-on management service that helps you save time and get more done through your WebSupportTeam membership. It does not use your credits. Your credits are used only for the tasks done by the team.

Q. I already have a VA (Virtual Assistant). Will this help me?

A. Depends. Does your VA handle all of your project related work? Does your VA have technical knowledge and expertise to co-ordinate with the techy folks? How much does your VA bill you? Is your VAs time spent more effectively on Marketing and Customer Service related work?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may find that our service provides you exceptional value even if you are currently using a VA.

$197 /month

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