Blog Management

Blogs get you traffic. They are an important element in Search Engine Optimization. They help you connect and interact with your target customers. Blogs help you build your Brand image.

But, they need to be constantly updated and maintained or they lose their effectiveness. Your blog needs to be “ACTIVE”. That creates more work for you or your team.

Fortunately, you’ve got us. We can help with pretty much any aspect of managing your blog except creating content for it.

We’ll handle posts and tweaks. We’ll handle the tech behind it and make sure everything is backed up and stays updated.
Here are just a few things we can help you with –

  • ZBlog Edits / Tweaks
  • ZBlog Posts
  • ZVideo Inserts
  • ZUpdate WordPress
  • ZUpdate Plugins
  • ZAdd Plugins
  • ZBlog Backup
  • ZBlog Restore
  • ZBlog Security

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