WebSupportTeam.com, the leading technical services provider for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs, helps secure blogs and websites against threats from hacking and malicious code.

Houston, Texas (I-Newswire) June 17, 2012 – WebSupportTeam.com, provides the technical expertise to setup security on WordPress blogs and websites. Internet Marketers and Web Entrepreneurs depend on their websites to generate income. When these sites are brought down by hackers or malicious code, it impacts their business and their livelihood. Securing websites and protecting them from malicious attacks is vital to their business. WordPress is by far, the most popular platform for such sites.

WordPress runs over 35 million web pages worldwide. A recent Websense report claims that the security of over 30,000 websites (or 200,000 web pages) has been compromised.

“As one of the top providers of technical services to Internet Marketers, we have seen many WordPress sites attacked, hacked, infected and compromised. It takes hours or days to clean up and restore the sites after an attack. During that time the site is down, it produces no sales and the site owner is a nervous wreck” says Jay Vikaz, CEO of WebSupportTeam.com. “Often times such attacks can be prevented by implementing security procedures even before an attack happens.”

Millions of Websites and Blogs run on WordPress. A vast majority of them use the default settings with no security other than a basic password. Hackers know the vulnerabilities of the wordpress platform and deliberately target them. Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses seek and exploit these security loopholes that are wide open in a vast majority of blogs and websites.

The first line of defense is a strong password.

“You’ll be surprised to see how many folks still use simple, easy to guess passwords online”, says Jay Vikaz.

Experts recommend using a password 10 characters or longer, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Using both small case and capital letter combinations is also recommended. It is also important to stay away from using common dictionary words as passwords.

Passwords that use a variation of the website name or the site owner’s name are easy to crack using sophisticated password cracking software.

Beyond the obvious step of using a secure password, security measures involve plugging common security loopholes that exist in the wordpress platform itself. Hackers use these loopholes to inject malicious code to bring down the website, steal information or redirect customers to phony sites.

Configuring special security plugins in wordpress also helps protect the site from malicious attacks.

WebSupportTeam.com uses its elite team of wordpress professionals to implement security steps on websites and blogs running on wordpress.

“We help entrepreneurs be proactive about the security of their sites. It is better to take preventive steps in the first place than to deal with the devastating effects of a malicious attack ” says Jay Vikaz.

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