WebSupportTeam.com Uses WPAccess To Build Membership Sites On WordPress


WebSupportTeam.com, the leading provider of affordable online technical services, uses the WPAccess plugin to build membership sites on WordPress for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs.

Houston, Texas, (I-Newswire) June 8, 2012 – WebSupportTeam.com, helps Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs build and run online businesses with revenue generating websites. Membership or subscription based websites are becoming increasingly popular in the business community because of their recurring revenue model and the potential for a steady stream of monthly income for their owners.

Many of these sites are built on the popular WordPress platform. WPAccess is a premier plugin that turns WordPress blogs and websites into membership sites. WebSupportTeam.com is the premier expert on WPAccess.


“We recommend WPAccess as our preferred membership plugin for WordPress based websites and blogs”, says Jay Vikaz, CEO of WebSupportTeam.com. “We think it’s one of the best plugins of its kind in the market and we are proud to support its installation and maintenance for our clients. It is extremely user friendly from the point of view of the user as well as the site administrator.”


Membership or subscription sites generally provide secure, password protected access to content. Frequently there is a fee for this kind of access. Customers have the ability to signup immediately after payment and get instant access to the content they ordered. They can also manage their subscription by upgrading, downgrading or canceling their membership.


All this is done online by the customer without the involvement of an employee to facilitate the transaction. So, the whole process requires a high degree of software automation on the website.


Popular services like Netflix and Hulu use the subscription model to provide access to their content. Many other sites like ConsumerReports.org provide open access to some content while protecting the rest for their paying members.


In fact, the membership model is very common online. Most people have some kind of web based email account from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo that requires them to sign in with a user name and password to access their emails.


Just a few years ago, building and managing membership sites was expensive and a huge technical hurdle for the small business entrepreneur. These days there are several softwares and scripts to simplify the process.


But, installation and maintenance can still be a challenge for the busy or technically challenged small business entrepreneur.


WebSupportTeam.com helps overcome that hurdle by providing essential technical services to build and maintain membership sites on any platform. In addition to WPAccess, WebSupportTeam.com also supports other popular plugins like Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberWing and MagicMembers.


“WPAccess is really an affordable plugin for the budget conscious entrepreneur who does not want to compromise on functionality. It matches the features of more expensive membership plugins and even has some features that other similar plugins don’t have.” says Jay Vikaz.


WPAccess can be used with almost any WordPress theme and integrates with payment solutions like Paypal, Clickbank and 1ShoppingCart to handle completely automatic subscribes and unsubscribes. It also works with many other payment solutions.


The plugin also integrates with services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, SendPepper and ImnicaMail to ensure that website members are automatically added to an email autoresponder for automated followup and customer care.


Perhaps the most unique feature of this plugin is the built-in help desk. It helps the website owners better manage their customer support through an online ticketing system.


It also features “dripfeed” capabilities. In simple terms, this means content is made available to members based on when they join. All members do not see the same content at the same time. Members are “dripfed” content from the day they join based on a progressive schedule determined by the site owner.


WebSupportTeam.com with its technical capabilities for building and running membership websites is a strategic asset to entrepreneurs interested in the online subscription business model.


For more information or to get help with membership sites visit –WebSupportTeam.com