WebSupportTeam.com Helps Online Businesses Build Customer Trust And Loyalty With Online Trust Seals


WebSupportTeam.com announced that it is helping websites easily build trust with online users by displaying Trust Marks from OnlineTrustSeals.com. The goal is to increase online sales and conversions by improving credibility of online sellers.

The announcement marks a strategic alliance between two leading services to develop consumer trust and confidence when dealing with authentic websites and services owned by individuals or small businesses that do not subscribe to more expensive trust mark programs from big corporate vendors.Although, the prices are small business friendly, there is no compromise on quality.
Websites and online businesses must pass a standardized verification process to qualify to display the seal. This protects consumers by assuring them that they are dealing with a verified authentic website or web business.Participation in the OnlineTrustSeal™ program also helps online merchants and sellers because confident customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Online Trust Seals visually communicate to visitors that the site’s identity has been authenticated by the seal provider and that the site has passed the verification process to display the seals.

The service at https://OnlineTrustSeal.com offers attractive entry pricing for budget-sensitive customers who understand the power of Trust Marks and Trust Seals but do not want to invest in higher priced competitive offerings.

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