Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 18, 2012
The new website design makes it easier for potential clients to learn more about WebSupportTeam.com’s subscription based tech help services. The home page now sports an eye-catching infographic representing the company’s position in the value chain of its typical customer – the online business owner.

The infographic visually conveys the essence of the company’s services and the desired end-benefit to customers – growing their business and increasing their profits.

“The launch of the new website represents our vision and commitment to the growing tech needs of online entrepreneurs and internet based businesses. WebSupportTeam.com was created with a vision to provide affordable online technology services to startups and small businesses that operate in the digital marketing space,” says Jay Vikaz, CEO of WebSupportTeam.com

The website features a subscription based model in which customers “pay” for the technical services they need using “credits” that are digitally loaded into their accounts every month. While keeping the costs low, the subscription model also ensures that customers can get critical help whenever they need it within a fixed budget while keeping surprise expenses down.

Digital Marketers and online business owners have been using the site to outsource technical work on their websites, blogs and social media channels since it first launched in 2008.

Offering an entire gamut of services ranging from simple website updates to complete revamping of sites to integrating payment processing and shopping carts, the company provides key technology help that is critical to the operation of online businesses.

The new website features easy access to information and services and demonstrates the industry leadership that customers have come to expect from WebSupportTeam.com. It will help improve effectiveness of the site while boosting sales and profitability.

“The goal of the new website is to educate and inform visitors about our services quickly and more effectively. We also aim to provide an enhanced user experience for our customers and keep them informed on the latest news about our offerings as well as relevant industry news that might impact them,” says Jay Vikaz. “From a marketing standpoint, this new design is an important part of increasing our brand recognition. I am excited to see what kind of results these new improvements will bring.”

The new site provides an improved user experience with an intuitive navigation and brand new content. The website also includes a new blog to communicate valuable insights and industry news relevant to internet marketing and online business.