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Steps To Becoming Our Affiliate

Step 1:     Sign Up for the Affiliate Program

Step 2:     Check your inbox for an email from us. Confirm your Signup. You will receive an email with
your affiliatelink, username and password. You can also Login at to
grab your affiliate link .

Step 3:     Paste the affiliate link in your Emails, Websites, Forums, Articles or any other place you want
to promote our service.

Step 4:     Login to your affiliate account to access tools and reports

You Must Have Completed The Signup In Step 1

Step 5:     Choose “Summary Report” to find out how many people have clicked on your affiliate link
and how much you have earned in commissions.

Step 6:    Check back regularly to track the progress of your campaigns and see your Affiliate

How Our Affiliate Program Works

We want to share our success with you. If you recommend someone to us and they signup for our service, we believe you deserve a share of the profits. So we pay you commissions. That’s right. You earn Recurring Monthly Commissions for as long as the person you reffered remains a member of our site. It is that simple!

How does this work?
When you recommend our website or service on your website, your emails, etc., you will use an affiliate link that we give you. This link will take the prospective customer to our sales letter and will have a special piece of software code, called a cookie. The cookie allows our Affiliate Management Program to track the sale back to you and calculate your commissions.


  • You will only earn a commission for those purchases that come from your affiliate link.
  • You cannot earn an affiliate commission for your own purchase.


How Much Affiliate Commissions Do You Pay?
Our Affiliate program pays commissions at 15%. That means your commission depends on the membership level the person you referred signs up for. If the person signs up for a gold membership, you will earn 15% of the gold membership fees every month the person remains a paying member.

I Have Seen Other Affiliate Programs Pay Higher Commissions. Why Doesn’t Yours?
Affiliate programs for downloadable or digital products in some niches – most notably the Internet Marketing Niche pay commissions ranging from 25% to 50% and sometimes even more. That works for their business model because they are selling information in downloadable digital format. There are no incremental costs involved to deliver each product.

Our Business Model is different. We are providing a REAL service not a digital product. We have REAL people on our Payroll, using their TIME and EXPERTISE to help solve our customers’ problems. We have to pay our staff, our rent, our electricity and internet bills. We have recurring expenses and lower margins. Our affiliate commissions are a generous chunk of our low margins.

Are the commissions one time or recurring?
Our membership fees are monthly and so your commissions are monthly recurring too. If you refer someone who signs up for our service, you get paid for that referral monthly as long as that person remains a paying member.

When Do You Pay Affiliate Commissions?
We pay our affiliates 30 days after the customer’s card has been charged (to allow for any refunds). However, since we cannot write checks everyday, we cut checks at the end of the month. Therefore if the customer’s card is charged on July 20th, the affiliate commission will not be paid until 30 days later, which would be August 20th. And since we cut checks at the end of the month, the affiliate check would be mailed on August 31th.

How Do You Pay Affiliate Commissions?
We Pay Affiliate Commissions by Paypal. You do also have the option of receiving your Affiliate Commissions by Check mailed to your mailing address on file in our system.

How Do You Track My Affiliate Commissions?
Our Affiliate Program Manager software resides in As an affiliate you get a userid and password to login to your affiliate account in Once you login to your affiliate account, you can view and monitor your affiliate traffic, affiliate sales and commissions.  The Affiliate Program Manager Software tracks all the traffic and sales that come through your unique affiliate links and even remembers the vistor if he/she comes back to buy months after first visiting our site.

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