1. Create A Quick Valentine’s Day Sale or Promotion

Even if your business offerings are not related to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, you can still run great promotions. You don’t to sell flowers, chocolate or jewelry.

So what’s the strategy if your business does not have a typical Valentine’s Day product?

You simply send them a special offer as your “gift” to them to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Show your customers you care.

Don’t think it’s too late for Valentine’s Day advertising. A huge amount of Valentine’s Day spending happens on Valentine’s Day. Promote your offers to “last minute” buyers. Be creative. Give them ideas around your products and services. Your customers probably would have never thought of them.


2. Create A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On Valentine’s Day many last minute shoppers panic and run around trying to find the right gift for their loved ones. This is a great opportunity for you to help them.

Create your own Valentine’s Day gift guide with a list of items you’ve already vetted for them. If your products are appropriate gifts for the occasion, you can include them by all means.

By helping out your prospects solve their gift problem, you are building a relationship with them and promoting good will. Share your gift guide on all your social media sites for maximum exposure.


3. Make A Quick Video With Gift Ideas

Okay, so you got a gift guide. Or not.

Why not kick it up a notch with Video?

Videos get circulated a lot on Social Media.

On Valentine’s Day, many people need a little gift inspiration, especially if they want to go beyond the regular chocolates or flowers options.

Does your business have an offer appropriate to the occasion? Include it in there.

If not the video still generates tremendous goodwill and publicity for your business.


4. Email Your Customers a Valentine’s Day Card

Send your email subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day card and include your Valentine’s Day offer in it. You can simply position your offer as your “gift” to your loyal subscribers.

Your subscribers will love it. Even those who do not take up the offer, will appreciate receiving it.


5. Send Out Text Promotions

If you have the mobile numbers of your customers or prospects, then the fastest way to get a message to them on Valentine’s Day is via Text Message.

Create a Valentine’s Day offer or discount and shoot out a quick text message. Doesn’t take too long to compose a simple text message and hit send.


6. Share Valentine’s Day Messages On Social Media

Share romantic videos and images that fit with the Valentine’s Day theme on social sites. These tend to be shared a lot on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Include a specific hashtag or your business name on the post.

So where do you get such images?

Here’s a great collection of Romantic Themed images that you can post on Social Media.

=> https://ViralSocialMediaGraphics.com/valentines-graphics

What’s great is that you are not limited to Valentine’s Day alone. If the messages fit your target market, you can post them anytime as long as there is no specific mention of Valentine’s day.

Just grab a few images from the collection and schedule them to post at different times on Valentine’s Day.

Our Team can help you set that up, if you need.


7. Make a Valentine Themed Cover Image For Social Media

Change your cover pic to a Valentine’s Day themed image. Do it everywhere you have a Social presence – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It is a quick and easy way to engage your fans. Don’t expect it to drive sales directly, unless you decide to feature your Valentine’s day offer. Many businesses do that with great results. Others choose to just display a festive Valentine’s Day spirit to engage with their fans and generate goodwill.


Pro-TIP: Target Your Promotions

Who are the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day?

Men. Right?

Think about how you can target them. How can you reach them? What kinds of messages resonate with them?

So, do you leave women out of your campaigns?  No.

Women also buy gifts for their sweethearts. But, you’ll have to target your promotions to them separately. Again, think of what messages would resonate best with women.

Here are some examples of stuff women buy for men on Valentine’s Day